Lee Strobel


The Salvation Army California Divisions have united this week in Officers’ Councils, an inspirational gathering of SA Officers. These councils can be a spiritual experience, business experience, fellowship, or informational. Sometimes they are a combination. This week, these divisions have met for an inspirational time with Lee Strobel and Major Danielle Strickland of the Canada […]

The Salvation Army Responds to Devastating Floods in Northern Pakistan


NEWS RELEASE: The Salvation Army Responds to Devastating Floods in Northern Pakistan SALVATION Army personnel in northern Pakistan are providing relief supplies to people who have been affected by the worst flooding in a generation. Torrential rain has led to flash floods and river surges which have devastated great swathes of northern Pakistan – particularly […]

Advisory Boards


Advisory Boards provide valuable assistance and advice that help us advance and continue the operations of The Salvation Army. Local community leaders volunteer their efforts to help the Army in maintaining good business and professional relations. Local advisory boards review annual budgets, help coordinate programs with other agencies, and provide advice for local activities and […]

Colonels Bill and Sue Harfoot


The retired officer ranks in The Salvation Army increased today with the honored retirement of Bill and Sue Harfoot. Called to serve the Lord while soldiering in the USA Central Territory, the entered training as Companions of Christ in September 1975. They served with distinction in their home territory until they transferred to the USA […]

Getting Together


We are made for friendships. Do you have friends? Facebook friends don’t exactly count unless you’ve been particularly disciplined. Can anyone truly have 1,000 friends? I’m resisting qualifying the word with “good” or “best” or “long time” because a friend should have deep intrinsic meaning. Tonight we met with a few friends for dinner. It […]

Is technology spiritually neutral?

Technology news

Common Misconceptions: At first glance it would appear that technology and religion are only as related as the person who chooses to connect them and that they are strongly distinct from each other. Technology is commonly thought to be rooted in modern human invention just as religion is seen as a Divine plan from the […]

Dayton, Ohio


The meeting of The Salvation Army National Advisory Board was held today in Dayton, Ohio. This is real America and a beautiful place. The community is wholesome and the people are friendly. General Andre Cox was present and spoke to the group convincingly about accountability and impact measurement. He’s a good leader with a pure […]