Perfection is overrated.


It’s hard to say who coined this phrase, but they were right. At some point we need to relax from such aspirations and take a break. Mind you, if you are a brain surgeon, we all are thinking perfection anyway… In the day to day, we can expect others to be perfect when the standard […]

Divisional Youth Leaders


I like the Divisional Youth Leaders and Candidates’ Secretaries in the USA Western Territory. They are a lively bunch of effective officers with a hope to minister best to the young people and their leaders in the territory. We met today to discuss a few things. How about a new Youth Councils? It will now […]

Spiritual Day


Could every day be a spiritual day? Major Tim Foley thinks so. He’s right. Today we participated in what we formally note as a Spiritual Day at the College for Officer Training. The meeting itself was valuable and deeply spiritual. The singing, praying, and testifying all glorified God and we looked into His word with […]

Welcome of Cadets


We welcomed the incoming session of Cadets today in Cerritos, California. Fifty-two Messengers of Light marched into the meeting and took their place in history as God’s answer to our officer needs. The meeting was lively with over 1000 in attendance and another 400 computers connected from 23 countries. The Training Principal gave the message […]

LGBT learning…


Every day I understand that I have a lot to learn. Such was the case today when at the Territorial Executive Council we had several meetings on the subject of persons who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender…and do I have plenty to learn. Through the years The Salvation Army has welcomed people […]

Farewell Mr. Woodruff…

wood ruff

For the past ten years, The Salvation Army in the USA West has benefited by the service and ministry of Mr. Michael Woodruff, our General Counsel. Spanning four Territorial Commanders, he has cared for the legal aspects of our movement with excellence, deep interest and charm. As I reflect upon his ministry among us, I […]

New Ideas…


Today’s a day to explore some new approaches to ministry. I’m looking forward to meeting with the Territorial Executive Council to look at some fresh ideas. We have the world to win for Jesus and need new attempts to do so. We’ll be looking at structure, programming, fund raising, worship and many more matters. They […]

Hooray for Hollywood…

Hollywood pic

The line comes from a song by Johnny Mercer, years ago. Early in the industry, Christian fundamentals were a bit against the industry and I suppose some still are today. Much of the earlier reason was that the movie stars seemed to advance an immoral lifestyle, so they were not to be supported. It’s different […]

Tough Decisions


Most every day we’re called on to make tough decisions. Less and less we have decisions about right and wrong. More and more our decisions are about more right and less wrong. The choices even get more complicated when they’re about people, and in particular, people we know and love. Rarely do those who are […]

Faith or Circumstances?


How is it that you live? Do you live by faith? Or… Do you live by circumstances? I see the two quite differently. Those who live by circumstances are those who react and respond to their surroundings. They prefer a high level of control where they feel safe and secure. It doesn’t involve risk much, […]