Holy Week


Sacred to Christians throughout the centuries, the week preceding Easter is known widely as Holy Week. Each day has meaning in the final earthly days of Jesus and considerable significance to believers everywhere. I think of Palm Sunday as the beginning of the road to Golgatha by the Savior. Clearly, His whole life led up […]

Salvation Army Employees


I have come to deeply value our employees in The Salvation Army. Moat all of them work faithfully and energetically as we serve the Lord together. Certainly, there are employees who are not Christians and embrace other faiths or even no faith. Still, they are with us and see value in what they are doing. […]

Thanksgiving Service for General Eva Burrows


Funeral and thanksgiving services to be held in memory of General Eva Burrows: Monday 30 March There will be a private family service in the afternoon, followed by cremation. These services will be led by General Burrows’ corps officers, Majors Brendan and Sandra Nottle. Tuesday 31 March A public Service of Thanksgiving for the Life […]

Salvation Army Team in Vanuatu Assesses the Most Urgent Needs


NEWS RELEASE: Salvation Army Team in Vanuatu Assesses the Most Urgent Needs London, 24 March 2015/IHQ/ – SALVATION Army emergency services team members in Vanuatu are conducting needs assessments as they decide how best to provide assistance. The team of four is working closely with the government and in partnership with other agencies, with a […]

Greenland Finale


Another great day in Nuuk, Greenland has concluded with glory to God and further gratitude to the officers stationed here. Devotions together this morning were an inspiration. We were looking at the mystery of the gospel and finished with “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” The finale today was the meeting in the prison […]

Greenland Salvation Army


Still sharing in ministry in Nuuk, Greenland, Carolyn and I are celebrating the faithfulness of the officers here as we are the Spirit of God. From the testimonies of the leaders here, we see the provision of God in many ways to accomplish His will. With their daily feeding ministry, much of the food is […]

West Coast (Greenland)


We love living on the West Coast of the USA with wonderful people, weather, and culture. Today we are on the west coast of Greenland. Two years ago The Salvation Army pioneered the work here in Nuuk, the capital. Hosted by the Territorial Commander of Denmark (and Greenland), Colonel Hannalise Tvedt, and welcomed by the […]

Northwest Division


We’re here in Seattle, at the divisional headquarters of the Northwest Division of the USA Western Territory. Majors Doug and Sheryl Tollerud are the Divisional Leaders and are presently serving under recently issued farewell orders. If this Command Review was the summary of their ministry here, it can be reported that they have done a […]

What does it take to keep friends?


1. You must have an interest in having a friend and you must show an interest in the person. 2. Friendship is dominated by caring. You must care for each other to be friends. 3. Maintaining contact is essential. Friendships are developed by interaction. If you have an “out of sight, out of mind” relationship, […]