Hawaii and Pacific Islands Division


The expression of Salvationism in the Hawaii and Pacific Islands Divisions is one of the finest in The Salvation Army. They reach out to the least, the last, and the lost with compassion, God directed support, and hope for the salvation of the world. Led capably by Majors John and Lani Chamness, the officers, locals, […]

The Salvation Army in Malawi Responds to Devastating Floods


NEWS RELEASE: The Salvation Army in Malawi Responds to Devastating Floods London, 29 January 2015/IHQ/ – THE Salvation Army is responding after severe floods caused devastation in Malawi. More than 300 people are reported to be dead or missing, and Colonel Moses Wandulu (Territorial Commander, Malawi) reports that houses, livestock, food and crops have been […]



Insurance is a good idea most of the time. In some states, you must have it if you plan to drive your car. The president and others are attempting to make it available for all when it comes to health. We maintain several insurance programs to cate for our people, properties and brand. Better than […]



As one of the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai is a bit of paradise. On Sunday we visited the Koloa Outpost and the Lihue Corps. These corps represent the heart of The Salvation Army in a land where everyone still needs to know the saving grace of God. Thank you Majors John and Lani Chamness for your […]

Jackson, Mississippi


The Salvation Army in Jackson, Mississippi is alive and well. In meetings here this week, the National Advisory Board of The Salvation Army has been hosted by the folks from Jackson in a first class manner. It started with a great leadership breakfast at the hotel today where the Governor of Mississippi addressed us all […]



We are called to witness to God’s saving grace. It happens all day long, every day, whether we mean to witness or not. Often in life I’ve wondered who exactly has access to our choices and behavior. Certainly God does. Do others in His presence have similar potential. I’ve always known God as a forgiving […]

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Remembering his impact brings me to a time in my journey where I was forming deeper thoughts about society and our responsibilities. At an age of rebellion myself, it was the right time to emerge from the 50’s and 60’s with a perspective adjusted from the generations that preceded me. During those days there was […]

The Salvation Army Responds to Mozambique Floods


NEWS RELEASE: The Salvation Army Responds to Mozambique Floods London, 16 January 2015/IHQ/ – THE Salvation Army in Mozambique is responding after floods caused more than 70 deaths and left thousands of people homeless. Around 100,000 people in the north and centre of the country are estimated to have been affected, with heavy rain expected […]

God is at work.


In The Salvation Army our officers are ordained ministers and commissioned to serve God by serving others. To become an officer, one must successfully complete the two year officers training course at our College for Officer Training. To enter the CFOT you must make application to our Candidates’ Board. When these applicant cases are received […]

Faithful Salvationists


I’m grateful today for faithful Salvationists. We need our employees, staff, officers and all, but the Salvationists that work hard to be Local Officers, program assistants, drivers, and volunteers without compensation are terrific. We have many here in the USA Western Territory. They are represented in all ages and cultures. They keep us moving forward […]