Christmas Trees


Many of our homes and offices have been decorated with Christmas trees. It’s a beautiful sight and often a joy to do. Carolyn and I look forward to the opportunity each year. The Christmas music goes on and when in cold weather, hot chocolate is brewed. If there’s a fireplace. it would be lit. As […]

Christmas Lights


Look around. See the lights? Christmas is being celebrated everywhere. OK, not everyone who has put up the lights understands or appreciates the birth of Jesus. Give them a chance. We have beautiful lights on our tree at home and we’re seeing plenty of lights on homes in the neighborhood. It’s all great. The best […]

The General and Pope Francis Share in Prayer


NEWS RELEASE: The General and Pope Francis Share in Prayer at the Vatican During First-Ever Private Meeting THE first-ever private meeting between a Salvation Army General and a Pope was an occasion where the grandeur of the surroundings of the Vatican was in contrast to the informal warmth of the interaction between the world leaders […]

Tucson United


Sunday morning was filled with praise to God as The Salvation Army of Tucson met together for a united holiness meeting. Seven Junior Soldiers were enrolled. Approximately seventeen Adherent Members were enjoined and 12 Senior Soldiers enrolled. There was great music by Captains Billy and Annalise Francis made the meeting just right. The ARC Chorus […]

Hospitality House – Tucson, AZ


It’e finally here. After thirteen years of planning, fund raising and praying, the Tucson Hospitality House is newly constructed and dedicated. Thanks to the hard work of many community and Salvation Army leaders, the new facility is beautiful, functional and ready for action. It is anticipated that occupancy will be allowed by February. Hallelujah! Lt. […]

Christmas Effort


In The Salvation Army, the Christmas season was synonymous what we call the Christmas effort. Now the effort really refers to the kettles, appeals, Community Care initiatives, food baskets, gift distribution, and more. The point is, that it’s a real effort. Carolyn and I were raised in corps officer homes where the effort included us […]

What do you want for Christmas?


Now here’s a great question that surfaces with regularity at this time of the year. Carolyn asked me this just yesterday. The answer seems easier the younger you are. Ask a child, they know, as if they’ve been rehearsing. Ask an elder, and you’re likely to hear, “I don’t need a thing.” Then you’re stuck […]

‘Tis the Season…


In the last two days Carolyn and I have attended the Christmas Festivities for Retired Officers of four divisions: Del Oro, Golden State, Sierra Del Mar and Southern California. We have enjoyed every minute and celebrated the friendship and service of these beautiful people. Each of them having served the Lord for many years, continue […]

Bottom Line…


This is a term that mostly speaks to the final cost of an event or project. It often refers to financial costs but it doesn’t need to do so. What’s the bottom line of a Football game? Probably the score. What’s the bottom line of a corps ministry. Should be people saved. What’s the bottom […]