Leading on Monday…

...following up.


Some ministers like to take Monday off. I suppose it’s a good plan when you’ve worked hard on Sunday. I wonder about those who also worked hard on Sunday but had to go to work on Monday? Rest is needed. When do people get it? If you’re open to leading on Monday, let it be […]

Leading on Sunday…

...to church.


Around the country we still see the black military flags that reveal that some of our veterans are still missing in action from Viet Nam. When we see the banners, we say a prayer for the family, still in pain. Imagine if we began to raise such flags for those who are missing in action […]

Leading to the end…

...Jason Johnson


“if you remain faithful even when facing death, I will give you the crown of life.” Rev 2:10 NLT Jason Johnson was faced with declaring his faith in the face of death and was martyred as a result. He was one of the students of Umpqua College in Roseburg, Oregon. He also had been attending […]

Leading in a fog…

...personal realities.


Having been recently diagnosed with Stage III Lymphoma and facing my second round of chemo tomorrow, I’m some days feeling like I’m leading in a fog. Don’t worry, it doesn’t affect payroll or even mission. It’s just how I feel. I’ve learned many years ago not to lead with feelings, but facts and the inspiration […]

Lead leaders…

...you're not alone.


In this great process of leading, you’ll discover that you’re at your best when you’re leading leaders. At most levels of leadership, this is consistently true. The leader of a country knows he his not just leading followers, but leaders. It’s the best way to maximize your impact and leading. On this basis, we need […]

Lead the best…

...by getting the lead out.


One of the exciting parts of leading is getting going. It’s also a bit scary. How thrilling. The point I want to make today has to do with getting the lead out of leading. That is to say, get the lead out of your shoes, the weight that’s slowing you down and in some cases, […]

Lead with trust..

...for the followers.


In the course of leading, I have repeatedly encouraged the leader to follow God and trust Him completely. The trust I write about today is that of those who follow you. The leader must trust the followers. In the trusting of followers, there is respect and interest. There is listening and circumspect concern for them, […]

Lead through the storm…

...just where you're needed.

life isnt about waiting for the storm to pass its about learning to dance in the rain - quotes -everlasting

This is when the leader can be at her best…in the storm. Conflict, confusion, contention and all can be a challenge, but the leader leads through it. This comment is meant to include even those who lead around it. How the storm is confronted is not the issue. A leader knows what to do in […]

Lead with confidence…

...a sure direction.


All of us are less likely to engage in any significant direction if we’re unsettled about the way to go. I do believe firmly in stepping out in faith, so what’s the difference? Confidence. When the leader is conveying a surety about the direction to go, we are more encouraged to follow. Confidence is not […]

Lead with discipline…

...it's hard to follow random.


Still walking through aspects of leading, I believe it’s critically important that we lead with discipline. There is a perspective of followers that will be set at ease if your lead is even somewhat predictable. The discipline then has to do with consistency, alignment to mission, adherence to moral standards and generally an even pace […]