Major Effie Patrick


Carolyn and I were honored to participate in the Celebration of Life Service for Major Effie Patrick. She and her husband David served for many years as capable officers of The Salvation Army here in the USA Western Territory. He was Promoted to Glory shortly after retirement. She now joins him in eternal happiness in […]

Major Charlotte Coles


In this beautiful movement of God known as The Salvation Army, we have the ‘Army Mother’ and we have Army Mothers. Neither is more important than the other. I can think of many Army Mothers throughout my journey in The Salvation Army. One of the best is Major Charlotte Coles. Recently, Charlotte was Promoted To […]

National Advisory Board Makes History


The Salvation Army USA National Advisory Board made history today in at least two significant ways. Meeting in Kansas City, the chairman, Mr. Bill Burke installed Mr. William B. Flinn as a new member. Bill is the first non-officer Salvationist to be a member of the board. He is the CEO of the Tournament of […]

Del Oro Division


I’m glad to report that the Del Oro Division, led by Majors Bill and Lisa Dickinson is growing beautifully. In the face of the western world decline in evangelical churches, their growth is significant and occurs to the glory of God. They set good goals. They pray for results. They work to achieve their objectives. […]

SAY Summit – Del Oro Style


Carolyn and I enjoyed being present for the Del Oro Division SAY Summit. You know that the event means Salvation Army Youth Summit and was formerly known as Youth Councils. No matter what you call it, the young people had a great time in spiritual formation, worship, commitment and fun. Congratulations to the division for […]

No More Youth Councils?

For a few generations, Youth Councils has been the youth event of the year. The fact that I’ve been going to them for 50 years ought to tell us something. While I don’t remember a bad Youth Councils, I wonder what the terms really mean to a teenager today? More of the same forever? In […]

50 Years a Senior Soldier


While conducting the Easter Convention at Boscombe, UKT Corps, I realized the 50th anniversary of being enrolled as a Senior Soldier in The Salvation Army. It was on Easter Sunday 1965 at the Niagara Falls, NY, Citadel Corps by my father, Major Roderick Knaggs. I remember the day and can visualize it, knowing that it […]

Boscombe Easter Convention


We are an Easter people! As Salvationists, we believe in the resurrection of Jesus. With His victory over death and the grave, He demonstrates convincingly that we too can enjoy life over the deadly circumstances in our journey. Today at the Easter Convention, we enjoyed two meetings indoors, an outdoor meeting and a march of […]

Boscombe Easter Convention – Good Friday & Silent Saturday


This is a wonderful experience in the Lord. The two Good Friday meetings were a blessing to attend. The choice and presentation of the music was inspired as was the organization of the program. Already, it feels like we’re with family, enjoying a very special Easter weekend. Now Saturday night began the participation of the […]

Boscombe Easter Convention – Maundy Thursday


Tonight we shared in the musical celebration of Maundy Thursday at the Boscombe Corps in the United Kingdom.The Senior Band and Songsters were flawless in their presentations as B/M Howard Evans led the service with devotion, commitment and spiritual sensitivity. The Corps has begun their 57th Easter Convention with this meeting. Many more meetings will […]