GNY Family Camp Sunday


Thank you, Lord for the way you led us through the day with your Spirit. We are so grateful for those who have drawn closer to you and have made lifelong commitments today. I pray that the music, testimonies, worship, and celebration of Candidates for Officership honored you. It is a joy to serve you […]

Family Camp – GNY


All over the States, The Salvation Army conducts family camps, or Labor Day Camp Meetings, or Deeper Life Conference Weekends. They all are an amazing opportunity to finish Summer and begin the Fall season with a celebration of fellowship, worship and affirmation. It’s all good. Today we are at the great Star Lake Camp where […]

Keep Looking…

Looking up

Is there a better way to do what you’re doing? I’m thinking of the essentials, not the habits or inconsequentials. Raising your children? Making your marriage work? Purpose of your life? Job performance? Future plans? With these very important matters on the altar, why would you give them less than your best attention, and why […]

Building a Home


From the outset, understand that The Salvation Army works intensely with the homeless. Our job is to help them find a home. It’s significant that we are not simply trying to connect them with a house or an apartment, but a home. When Carolyn was a chaplain for three different homeless shelters in New York […]

One Army


In the course of International theme making, One Army has made its way into the tripartite banner we serve with these days. As a fact, the concept of One Army can only go so far. We are at our best when we are a local movement, relating to a specific community, meeting needs in Jesus’ […]

Maud, Emma, and Evangeline: America’s Love Affair With The 3 Booth Women


There’s a new book by The Salvation Army that you’ll want to read. It’s published by the USA Western Territory and is written by Canadian Salvationist and scholar, R.G. Moyles. From the advertisement: “The story of Maud, Emma and Evangeline Booth as seen through the lens of popular American culture enables us to witness […]

Robin Williams


We mourn the death of Mr. Robin Williams and pray for his family in these days. When on stage, he always held our attention with dynamic comedy. I join the many who have benefited from his skillful performances and imaginative representations. Today would not be the day to debate the cause of death or factors […]

What does The Salvation Army believe? (11 of 11)


The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination. Doctrine eleven of The […]