50 Years a Senior Soldier

While conducting the Easter Convention at Boscombe, UKT Corps, I realized the 50th anniversary of being enrolled as a Senior Soldier in The Salvation Army. It was on Easter Sunday 1965 at the Niagara Falls, NY, Citadel Corps by my father, Major Roderick Knaggs.

I remember the day and can visualize it, knowing that it would mean I could be a member of the Senior Band and Songsters at the time. These were important steps for this young Salvationist. I’m sure no one had any idea where I would be on my 50th anniversary of Senior Soldiership and it would have been a big surprise to all concerned that I’d be at the Boscombe Easter Convention, which began seven years earlier by General Albert Orsborn.

I’m glad I’m a Salvation Soldier. God saved me from sin and set me on the right path. He called me to be one and for the most of my life I have been a dedicated Soldier, by the grace of God. Hallelujah!

btw…adding years as a Junior Soldier, it all comes to 59 years…

Revelation 2:10
“Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life.”
New American Standard Bible

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