About Jim

Commissioner Jim Knaggs, with his wife Commissioner Carolyn Knaggs, lead The Salvation Army’s work in the USA Western Territory (13 western states, Marshall Islands, Micronesia). As Territorial Commander he reports to the General of The Salvation Army at International Headquarters in the UK.

As an Officer of The Salvation Army (ordained minister), Jim has been appointed to a variety of roles over the last 37 years. Taking up this role in July 2010, he was previously the Territorial Commander of the Australia Southern Territory. All previous appointments have been in the United States, Eastern Territory. Having led a number of Salvation Army corps (churches), he has also had appointments with responsibility for youth, evangelism and growth, recruitment, musical ministries, and field operations.

In 1999, Jim was appointed as Divisional Commander of what became the largest division in the United States , and shortly after, was appointed to responsibility for all Personnel and HR functions for the Territory. In 2003 he became Chief Secretary, second in charge of Salvation Army operations for the administratively largest Territory in the USA. Jim took up the role of Territorial Commander of the Australia Southern Territory, with the rank of Commissioner, in 2006.

Jim spent 2 years in the US military and then worked as a project coordinator in education for parenting, before training as a Salvation Army Officer. He was ordained and commissioned in 1976. In 1995 he completed a Master of Professional Studies in Urban Ministries, through Alliance Theological Seminary.

Since being in Australia, Jim has co-authored three books with Major Stephen Court: ONE DAY: A Dream for the Australian Southern Territory. Melbourne: SALVO Publishing. (2007); and ONE THING: Win The World For Jesus. Melbourne: SALVO Publishing. (2008); and ONE ARMY. Long Beach: Frontier Press. (2011). All three books have been updated into a single global edition: ONE FOR ALL. Long Beach: Frontier Press. (2011).

Jim and Carolyn Knaggs immediate family includes three sons, four daughters in law, two nephews, a niece and five grandchildren.

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