Abusing Power in Leadership…

...not what you think.

Recently, I attended a global conference on accountability. Logically, one of the first discussions was about the abuse of power by leaders. We had a good discussion on the subject as you might expect and then something special happened. One small group member asked about the abuse of the power of the Holy Spirit in leadership. Of course this was a Christian conference and this particular question raised many eyebrows.

The point to be made was that the Holy Spirit empowers us in Christian leadership except when we do not give him attention, affirmation or interest. Many decisions are made in Christian leadership without consulting the Holy Spirit. That’s what I will call abusing power. Often vision casting comes from a quantitative assessment of where we want to be instead of an answer to the Holy Spirit as to where he wants to lead us.

The truth is that if we ignore the Holy Spirit in our leadership we will be going in the wrong direction. I consider that an abuse of power.

So today in your leading, Be sure to involve the Holy Spirit and the power of God in your decision-making, relationships and activities. You can’t go wrong if you’re following the Spirit.



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