Autumn Praises…

...everywhere you look.

One of the advantages of Northeast USA living is that you can experience all four seasons. When you grow up with this, it becomes a welcomed time, especially if you’ve lived in other areas of the world where the times of the year are not as defined.

God gives us these beautiful changes in our environment to enjoy and appreciate. They have their purpose in the growing cycles of plant life and animals. They also remind us that time is passing and that we can take advantage of the coolness, warmth, wetness and barrenness that comes with each.

We’re beginning to see the changes in the colors of the leaves of the trees around us. Farther north, these scenes have already filled the color palette of the tree lines and amazed many. It’s soon to be our turn to value the stroke of God’s creativity. We look forward to it.

Our lives have seasons. Taking time to smell the roses? Enjoying your seasons?

They come, ready or not.

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