Being An Effective Chairperson

...short list.

So here’s the abbreviated version of recommendations for the Chairperson of the Board, Committee, or Task Force:

  1. Mind the Clock – The shorter the better.
  2. Maintain Respect – It’s the best way to receive respect.
  3. Discipline Staff Work – It’s what you do between meetings.
  4. Value Constructive Input – Keeping it positive
  5. Guard Against Biases – Balance is helpful.
  6. Facts are important – Best decisions are based upon relevant facts.
  7. Be a Leader – Reveal your leadership.
  8. Prepare Your Principals – Respect your elders.
  9. Homework – Be prepared.

These may not be all there is to being the Chair, but if you have these nine in order, you’ll be well on your way.

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