...not always bad.

Probably, the first I ever heard of binging was binge drinking. This is, of course not a good plan if the drinking is alcohol. It’s indicative of alcoholism and a need for real help.

Now we hear of binge watching television with the advent of whole seasons of shows available at a time. I am guilty of this myself and have stayed with a compelling show as if it was a long movie. Usually, I regret the time spent, although it has happened when I’ve been sick in bed or just tired and want to lay low.

I suppose there are other binges we turn to: fishing, golf, other sports, going to the beach, dancing, eating, reading….and more. It’s not altogether bad depending upon your circumstances. You can imagine how excessive time and effort in any one area of your life will put the rest out of balance.

Yesterday, I started another binge that I’m due for: reading the Bible. I read it faithfully in my journey, but yesterday I committed to a chapter for every hour at the computer…and I’ll do the same today. So far, it’s simply a joy. I’ve already started Bible binging and it isn’t bad at all.


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