Caring for Each Other…

...a human quality.

Undoubtedly, we can all make a list of important people in our lives who have cared for us. The list might start with parents or family and go quickly to school teachers, ministers and the like. If we stretch the definition a little, we could include those who have shown us serious respect. That is, they cared for our role, responsibilities, or place in life.

We cherish the former relationships with people and respond favorably to those who show respect. It’s all good for us.

All that goes to reinforce that we should be caring people ourselves. Considering the importance to ourselves, we too can have a constructive influence on others with only a little consideration. Just now in the American culture, we seem interested in getting even with people or framing them as erroneous for having a different perspective. That’s far from caring for others.

Today’s challenge? Care for your neighbors. Let them know you are a positive force in their world.

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