I’m afraid she’ll be killed…

Taken directly from an article in Christianity Today, I submit the following. One summer morning in Pakistan, a Christian woman named Asia Bibi took a break from her fieldwork to drink a cup of cold water from a well. Since she was a Christian, the Muslim women there saw her actions as contaminating the water. […]

Jesus – the book

Jesus says, “The Scriptures point to me!” (John 5:39 NLT). But what does that mean exactly? The twenty-seven books of the New Testament are largely a commentary on the Old Testament, and each part of the Bible is a signpost to Jesus. Once this is properly understood, everything changes, including our own identities. In this […]

Orsborn Again

By Kevin Jackson, Major From the first sentence, readers of “ORSBORNAGAIN,” by Major Rob Birks (Frontier Press, 2013), realize Birks has penned something special. Reintroducing the poetry of Albert Orsborn to a new generation of readers is a good idea. Reinterpreting the poetry of Albert Orsborn—also known as the Poet General—to a new generation of […]

Serial Innovators

As you can imagine, here’s a book that interests me greatly. Here are a few quotes that will give an idea of what he is saying: “As companies age, they develop rigidities that block them from changing and adapting.” “Rigidities – both individual and organizational – are man-made.” “The question isn’t how can we prevent […]

High Counsel

Within months after taking office (October 1999), General John Gowans came to the The Salvation Army USA National Headquarters and, in his own inimitable way, presented a private and confidential (not to be disseminated or shared in any other form or forum) paper on leadership to members of the USA Commissioner s Conference. Commissioner Gisele […]

Influential Writers

Many good authors have inspired my soul through the years. The Bible is always the best. After that, others have piqued my imagination and drawn me into deeper faith. The author that opened my heart to the unlimited truth and certainty of the Word of God, is Francis Schaffer. If you have to ask why […]