The Bible… the Word of God.

When you get to know me, you’ll know I am convinced that the Bible is the Word of God. Do you want to know what God says or thinks about a subject? It’s in the Bible? Do you have a question about your life that no one seems to be able to help you with? […]

The Steps of a Righteous Person…

...are ordered by the Lord.

The quote from the Scriptures goes exactly this way: Psalms 37 23 “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way. 24 Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand.” They are a great assurance of the presence of God in […]

Differences, not Disagreement

...we're not the same.

How interesting it is to look over a crowded public area in transportation, shopping or street corners to witness the amazing differences in each of us. Isn’t it still unimaginable that we all have unique finger prints? I wonder if God is recycling some from centuries past and whose you got? Someone famous or infamous? […]

Sacred Conversations…


The news is reporting about sacred conversations with the parents of soldiers who have died in the line of duty. Such conversations are personal and should be respected as such. I’ve had many sacred conversations with people of all walks about their relationship with God, and in times of deep grief and discouragement. These words […]

Autumn Praises…

...everywhere you look.

One of the advantages of Northeast USA living is that you can experience all four seasons. When you grow up with this, it becomes a welcomed time, especially if you’ve lived in other areas of the world where the times of the year are not as defined. God gives us these beautiful changes in our […]

Beautiful Creation…

...just for us.

In our journeys, Carolyn and I have been to far away and amazing places. Often I reflect on the fact that God designed them for us to enjoy. I’m thinking of the Rockies, the Australian Outback, the Hawaiian and Caribbean Islands, the Alps…and more. We’ve seen pods of whales in Alaska, herds of Buffaloes in […]

Great People…

...God sends our way.

In the journey of following God, we meet the most wonderful people. Our calling to follow Him comes with sacrifices and blessings. Meeting new friends is one of the best blessings. We’ve been a few places where the people are exceptional followers of God and worthy of our deepest respect. This week brings us to […]

Around the World…

...God is at work.

It’s a joy to recognize that God is at work around the world. Even as you read this, know that He is pouring love into the lives of all sorts of people all over the planet. I get such images when I walk the shoreline of the ocean and watch the waves crash upon the […]

Bend the Knee…

...every knee shall bow.

Not wanting to enter into the conversation about kneeling during the National Anthem or protesting unjust practices racially defined, I am grateful we can worship God as we desire in America. There are many places in the world where that privilege is normal and many where it is not. I value the joy of bending […]

A Good Life…

...that's the plan.

What would like from the day? Careful now, your answer may define you. Wealth? Health? New job? Relationship? Reconciliation? Healing? Vacation? Time off? Relief? There would be as many answers as the people we know. God wants us to have a good life, as defined by Him. Honest. True. Holy. Loving. Forgiving. Caring. Helping. Serving. […]