Last Question

...most important to us.

This is the last question asked by Jesus, recorded in the book of Matthew. It is from Son to Father and it is powerful. Never before had Jesus been separated from the Father. He feels forsaken and asks about it. We know the answer to the question. It was for our sake Jesus was in […]

Human Accomplishment…

...not permanent.

The accomplishment of a society or culture is often seen in the buildings and artifacts they produce. Great care is exercised in excavating civilizations to best define and discover the significance of that people. When Jesus was walking with His disciples, such a question in the context of perpetuity became prominent in the conversation. Matthew […]

What’s important to you?

... that which is in your pocket or in your heart?

Continuing to explore the many questions of Jesus, we come to this strong section where He minces no words and clarifies matters. The first is the contrast between our possessions and the place of our heart. Matthew 23:16-17 (NIV) 16  “Woe to you, blind guides! You say, ‘If anyone swears by the temple, it means nothing; […]

What’s next?


With the greatly unexpected passing of my cousin Brian Morris this weekend, the question surfaces, What next? Based upon the Word of God and his personal faith, Brian is in heaven. There is simply no doubt about it. Matthew 22:23-32 (NIV) 23  That same day the Sadducees, who say there is no resurrection, came to […]

Open Invitation…


This parable that contains two significant questions from Jesus is meant for us to consider. God is inviting us all to a family celebration which He has prepared since the beginning of time. Are you prepared to get ready to attend? Matthew 22:1-14 (NIV) 1  Jesus spoke to them again in parables, saying: 2  “The kingdom […]


...what do we deserve?

The whole story of Jesus is about grace. What do we deserve for our choices, responses and behavior? In many cases, we act with love and caring, the nature of which does not seek benefit for oneself, only the object of our concern. Then there’s the options we exercise that are not God-honoring…sinful. What do […]

Children Know More Than You Think… attention.

A generation ago, kids were meant to be quiet and in their place. In many ways, that meant being invisible. That didn’t work out so well and so we’ve had an improving generation where we’ve begun to value the needs and roles of children. That’s not everywhere or with every adult, but the situation has […]

The 1%…

...the door is open for you too.

There is common conversation from politicians who are speaking about the upper 1% of wealthy in America. These are actually real people with extraordinary wealth. Here in the Scriptures, one of these come to Jesus with a hope to follow Him. It doesn’t end well, but Jesus never negates the possibility for all to follow […]

God is for everyone…

...especially you.

Having searched the gospel of Matthew these many months to focus on the questions of Jesus, this one is particularly gold. God loves each of us and seeks our best…not just the good of the whole. You see, with Him, He can manage the best for each of us at no expense to the whole. […]

What’s your soul worth?


The heart of a person is their soul. It defines who they are at their core, revealing what’s most important and  valuable to the individual. In fairness, this soul changes with environment and time. What does your soul say about you today? What is it worth? What is it that you would give your soul […]