Loving God…

...the way.

I pray that you know God. I pray that you have a relationship with Him. This is all made possible through the sacrificial love of God realized in the death of His Son, Jesus. He paid the penalty for our disobedience to God and did so with love in His heart for you and me. […]

Rev. Dr. Billy Graham…

...saved to serve.

Billy Graham has always been known as a leading Christian voice, bringing people to God through faith in Jesus. His campaigns, public and personal were always forthright with no apologies for God’s gospel of love for all. As he ascended in celebrity, his resolve to tell all about saving grace intensified while being cautious not […]

Major Norman Rock…


Today, the family and friends of Major Norman Rock are coming together to celebrate his life and influence among us. Norm is one of the good ones, who lived and loved as he believed. His faith in Jesus is an established fact as he lived a life of sacrifice to worship the Lord in every […]

Family Time…

...a great plan.

Experiencing good family time over the holidays is a gift. We have been enjoying family and more yet to come today. Thank the Lord. A casual reference through social media reveals extraordinary family occasions across the country. You can see table decorations and meals of all sorts. Some have spent time outdoors with kids, others […]

Night Before Thanksgiving…

...ready or not, here it comes.

‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving, when all through the house Only mother was stirring the soup, not for the mouse; The dishes were placed on the table with care, In hopes that the family soon would be there; The children were nestled, all snug in their beds, While visions of drum sticks danced in their […]

The Bible…

...is the Word of God.

When you get to know me, you’ll know I am convinced that the Bible is the Word of God. Do you want to know what God says or thinks about a subject? It’s in the Bible? Do you have a question about your life that no one seems to be able to help you with? […]


...not always bad.

Probably, the first I ever heard of binging was binge drinking. This is, of course not a good plan if the drinking is alcohol. It’s indicative of alcoholism and a need for real help. Now we hear of binge watching television with the advent of whole seasons of shows available at a time. I am […]

Good Friends…

...a great asset.

Having enjoyed the visit of a few friends over a few days has been a tonic. It’s a blessing to have the time these days to have extended conversations, meaningful and meaningless, to laugh, pray, and ponder. Good friends are a gift from God. Not to be taken lightly nor insignificantly. One doesn’t need to […]

Today is the day!

...all for you.

Waiting to make that important decision? Been ready to go forward in a new direction? Want to exercise more? Pop the question? Ask for a raise? Today is the day! Don’t miss it or regret it’s passing. I read a few years ago about a gentleman who was captured with the dwindling number of days […]

Children Know More Than You Think…

...pay attention.

A generation ago, kids were meant to be quiet and in their place. In many ways, that meant being invisible. That didn’t work out so well and so we’ve had an improving generation where we’ve begun to value the needs and roles of children. That’s not everywhere or with every adult, but the situation has […]