Greshem, Oregon

a great Salvation Army

We spent a few days this weekend in Gresham, Oregon. Majors James and Laura Sullivan are the Corps Officers there. First it was the building dedication of the second stage of their building project. In addition to their beautiful chapel, classrooms, offices and activity rooms, they’ve now added a new kitchen, primary activity room, food […]

Major Charlotte Coles

In this beautiful movement of God known as The Salvation Army, we have the ‘Army Mother’ and we have Army Mothers. Neither is more important than the other. I can think of many Army Mothers throughout my journey in The Salvation Army. One of the best is Major Charlotte Coles. Recently, Charlotte was Promoted To […]

50 Years a Senior Soldier

While conducting the Easter Convention at Boscombe, UKT Corps, I realized the 50th anniversary of being enrolled as a Senior Soldier in The Salvation Army. It was on Easter Sunday 1965 at the Niagara Falls, NY, Citadel Corps by my father, Major Roderick Knaggs. I remember the day and can visualize it, knowing that it […]

Boscombe Easter Convention

We are an Easter people! As Salvationists, we believe in the resurrection of Jesus. With His victory over death and the grave, He demonstrates convincingly that we too can enjoy life over the deadly circumstances in our journey. Today at the Easter Convention, we enjoyed two meetings indoors, an outdoor meeting and a march of […]

Boscombe Easter Convention – Good Friday & Silent Saturday

This is a wonderful experience in the Lord. The two Good Friday meetings were a blessing to attend. The choice and presentation of the music was inspired as was the organization of the program. Already, it feels like we’re with family, enjoying a very special Easter weekend. Now Saturday night began the participation of the […]

Tustin Ranch Corps

One of the leading corps in the Territory, The Tustin Ranch, California Corps is an exceptional expression of Salvationist enterprise. Led by Captains Nigel and Stacey Cross, the corps also represents the center of our Orange County operations as well. It’s a very engaging location with wonderful ministry in action. Participating in the Holiness meeting […]

Officer Candidates

Our Territorial Future Officers’ Fellowship weekend launched last night in Torrance, California. Candidates for Officership came from all over the territory to meet in fellowship and with the intention to firm up their commitments to God. Last night in the Keynote Meeting the enthusiastic crowd sincerely worshipped Him in song, testimony, prayer and commitment. Hallelujah! […]

El Cajon, California

Wow! If you’re looking to worship God with an energetic, Spirit filled fellowship, get to the Corps at El Cajon. It is alive and well. Captains Rutendo and Terry Masango lead the charge to the glory of God. The corps hall was filled today as we were led into worship with excellent music, witness and […]


As one of the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai is a bit of paradise. On Sunday we visited the Koloa Outpost and the Lihue Corps. These corps represent the heart of The Salvation Army in a land where everyone still needs to know the saving grace of God. Thank you Majors John and Lani Chamness for your […]

Jackson, Mississippi

The Salvation Army in Jackson, Mississippi is alive and well. In meetings here this week, the National Advisory Board of The Salvation Army has been hosted by the folks from Jackson in a first class manner. It started with a great leadership breakfast at the hotel today where the Governor of Mississippi addressed us all […]