GNY Family Camp Sunday

Thank you, Lord for the way you led us through the day with your Spirit. We are so grateful for those who have drawn closer to you and have made lifelong commitments today. I pray that the music, testimonies, worship, and celebration of Candidates for Officership honored you. It is a joy to serve you […]

Family Camp – GNY

All over the States, The Salvation Army conducts family camps, or Labor Day Camp Meetings, or Deeper Life Conference Weekends. They all are an amazing opportunity to finish Summer and begin the Fall season with a celebration of fellowship, worship and affirmation. It’s all good. Today we are at the great Star Lake Camp where […]

Western Music Institute 2014

B/M Neil Smith, Territorial Music Secretary, is leading a wonderful week with over 200 students and staff at this annual gathering of interested musicians. B/M Andrew Blyth and his wife Susan are the guests for the occasion with their capable contributions in music, spirit, and leadership. Most other Divisional Music Leaders are supporting the encampment […]

Western Youth Institute 2014

It all sounds rather stuffy being an institute and all, but it’s far from that. If you want to get a sense of pulsating worship and faith, go to the site to watch one or two of the meetings. Each meeting has a dynamic speaker arranged around a constant theme by the territorial youth […]

SoCal Musicamp

It was a great day at Camp Crags yesterday. We were there for the Divisional Musicamp finale. The place was packed with eager campers ready to showcase their accomplishments from the five day experience. Bands, vocal groups, drum lines, hip hop and more filled the stage to the delight of corps leaders and family members […]

Sara Groves

Sara Groves was a guest performer at the Western Bible Conference this week. Her music was inspirational and her testimony convincing. Joined by a capable percussionist and guitarist, the three of them presented the love of God in song with excellence and musical delight. I downloaded her latest CD from itunes and recommend it to […]

Norway Congress Blessings.

A full weekend in Oslo, Norway with over 2,000 Salvationists and friends was a complete delight. God is honored by every minute of the events that included amazing music, compelling testimonies, wonderful fellowship and Bible preaching. Many throughout the weekend made significant decisions to begin and continue their journey of faith in God. The Western […]

Norway Congress

The great annual Norway Congress of The Salvation Army is well under way and already an immense blessing. Commissioners Dik and Vibeke Krommenhoek are leading the territory here with grace, challenge, and excellence. The Western Territory Staff Band and we have been invited to participate and enjoy the experience. Yesterday’s meetings were all an inspiration […]