Pendel Family Camp Meetings

The Pendel Division Family Camp Meetings are underway and God’s Spirit is already moving among us. Lt. Colonels Don and Reneé Lance and their team are doing a great job. We’re looking forward to the rest of the weekend and all the activities that honor God and give us all blessing beyond our expectations. Hallelujah! […]

Salvation Army to Respond As First Hurricane Approaches

Staff and Canteens Ready to Provide Services Wherever Hurricane Irene Makes Landfall Alexandria, Virginia (August 23, 2011) – As Hurricane Irene approaches the Southeastern United States as the first hurricane of the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season, The Salvation Army is preparing staff, equipment and supplies to serve as needed. In the southern U.S. alone, the […]

Salvation Army in Uganda Supplies Water and Food as Drought Takes Hold

THE Salvation Army in Uganda is responding to the drought crisis that is developing in some parts of the country. As is being seen across the horn of Africa, people are dying because of a lack of food and water. In central eastern Uganda, thousands of families have had poor harvests for the past five […]

Time for a Renewal?

With the influence of a recent biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, my soul is stirring about the present need for a renewal of our movement. Sure, it starts with renewal in our movement and goes to a renewal of our movement. That means we have a way to go. Why? We are an army, fighting for […]

Spokane, Washington – 120 Years

Fantastic day in Spokane. The Salvation Army is officially 120 years old now. Starting at 7 in the morning, Salvationists were on the street giving out donuts and coffee. At noon there was a civic reception honoring major donors. By 5 pm there was a street meeting where the band and Timbrels were featured…and at […]

God is present.

The Northwest Division Family Camp Meetings were blessed by the extraordinary presence of God today. From the beginning of the meeting He was speaking to us undeniably. Many knelt at the Mercy Seat. Lives were healed and filled with the Spirit of God. Hallelujah! Watch for the fire in the Northwest! “So, what do you […]

Northwest Division Family Camp Meetings

Today was a beautiful day to be at Camp Arnold in the Northwestern Division for their Famil Camp Meetings. Everything is going smoothly and God is moving among us. Each activity today was well planned and most enjoyable. The Seattle Temple Songsters were featured tn the meeting. They have a unique style and are very […]

Majors Doug and Sherry Tollerud

Installed tonight as the new Divisional Leaders of the Northwest Division of the Western Territory USA, the Tolleruds were warmly received by the division at Family Camp 2011. The Camp Meetings are well planned and we expect that God, the Holy Spirit will speak to each of us and lead us to grace throughout the […]

Adult Rehabilitation Centers

In the course of the past year, 7500 men and women entered the ARC program in the Western Territory. They come with hope. They come in desperation. Some come of necessity. They come. Many of these have had their lives change by the grace of God. Many have returned to their addictions. A whopping 2500 […]

Making Progress

God is doing a great thing in and through The Salvation Army. Can you feel it? People are finding saving love. Others are coming forward to join the fight. God is sending the resources of all types. There is a resounding unity in the fellowship of God. Hallelujah! We’re making measurable progress. “But, “Let the […]