New Opportunities

Come forward and we will find a place for you in The Salvation Army. We are attempting to win the world for Jesus and need as many able and willing people to do so as we can get. Don’t apply if you’re limited to your own ideas of what you have to offer God or […]

Architects of the Kingdom

Architects are visionaries; they see the big picture, the completed edifice even before pen is put to paper. Part of their giftedness is guiding and directing the project to completion.   I see leaders in TSA as Architects of the Kingdom. They are creative designers, planners, tacticians, logistical leaders and monitors of the construction of […]

SF Chinatown Corps Anniversary 125

It has bee a great day in San Francicso with more anniversary activities of the Chinatown Corps. The hall was standing room only and 12 Sr. Soldiers were enrolled. The Hong Kong Island East Corps Band, Songsters and Timbrels were there to makethe meetings even more exciting. Hallelujah! Lt. Colonels Donnie and Sam Pho, Leaders […]

San Francisco Chinatown Corps

The 125th anniversary of the San Francisco Chinatown Corps began today to the glory of God. Congratulations to the corps leaders for this extraordinary planning and promotion. As I read the history books, this ministry was the first concerted effort to reach the Chinese people by The Salvation Army. For these 125 years, faithful Salvationists […]

Destroyed Salvation Army cross is replaced

Despite the intense heat and a grueling climb, nearly a dozen Salvation Army camp volunteers hauled a 200-pound cross to the top of a 1,600-foot mountain on Aug. 2 to replace a cross that had been torn down from their Calabasas property. The 10-foot wooden cross which stood above the Salvation Army’s Camp Mt. Crags […]

Salvation Army Helps Emergency Services and Communities During UK Riots

THE Salvation Army is assisting the emergency services, residents and local communities in the aftermath of unrest in London and other parts of the country. Salvation Army emergency mobile response vehicles have been deployed and, on the advice of the emergency services, been situated in secure areas. In north London, Haringey Council asked The Salvation […]

Western Music Institute

WMI is on this week. Tonight was their mid-week concert. It was great. Congratulations to B/M Neil Smith and team for a job well done. I wish that the whole Territory could see and hear our young people and young adults honoring the Lord with their gifts. Hallelujah! I’ve now heard the WMI pep song […]

Salvation Army Pledges $6 Million for Long-Term Tornado Recovery

Atlanta, GA -In April and May of 2011 tornadoes, floods, and other severe weather tore across the southern United States leaving many dead and many more homeless and hungry.  In service of the survivors, The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) team provided immediate material, emotional, and spiritual care to thousands.  As the disaster operation […]

Sunday @ Camp Wonderland

Camp Wonderland is always a great place to be. It’s a beautiful camp with wonderful people all around. It’s especially grand on a Sunday when they get to worship the Lord. Chrissey gave her testimony this morning that God is working in her life and that He isn’t finished with her yet. Many were drawn […]

Social Media Chaplains

On Tuesday the Western Territory will post openings for Social Media Chaplains. They’re a part of the SAVN.TV plan that will give opportunity to minister to those who are connecting to our internet television ministries. It’s an exciting step in the process to win the world for Jesus. Undoubtedly, they will be looking for volunteers […]