Abusing Power in Leadership…

...not what you think.

Recently, I attended a global conference on accountability. Logically, one of the first discussions was about the abuse of power by leaders. We had a good discussion on the subject as you might expect and then something special happened. One small group member asked about the abuse of the power of the Holy Spirit in […]

Crisis Leadership…

...no surprise.

Still remaining with issues for what I call crisis leadership, a good leader has an expectation of a crisis. Whether it be product failure, bad press, poor performance or otherwise, the crisis shouldn’t come as a complete surprise. A leader is circumspect in these things, knowing where the chain of operations is weakest and where […]

Crisis Leadership…

...mission critical.

Still thinking of crisis leadership today, I want to draw attention to the need for mission imperatives in the process. Often crisis management involves process and process refinement, if not realignment. These are appropriate directions in working through a crisis, but never paramount. Most important is to retain a focus on the essential objectives of […]

Good Minister

...makes for a good fellowship.

I spoke with a Salvation Army Corps Officer (minister) over the weekend after attending their worship meeting and enjoying a good sermon. He used some interesting ways to present his message for which I commended him. Humbly, he responded with an indication that he is working on improving his sermons. He is studying different methods […]

Non-offensive living…

...for good reason.

Often in our culture we are asked and required to do things that test our priorities and purposes in life. The laws of the land may not seem appropriate, consistent or even relevant to our faith. Many believers take issue with the sanctioning of marriage for same sex couples. Bakeries are being required not to […]

Learning from the Master…

...no time to waste.

When will we learn? The teacher wonders some times when the students will ever understand the lesson. With limited time and high priority, the teacher does their best to get the message across. We as students need to listen and apply the learning. When the lesson comes from the Master, all the more we should […]

Wrong Direction…

...from wrong people.

For the best advice, ask someone who knows the truth. It seems simple enough. Why then was Jesus concerned about who the disciples were being influenced by? They had His advice and direction. There is none better. Evidently, He knew of the influence of the opposing perspective. Sometimes, we look in strange places for guidance […]

What Do You Have?

...for the Kingdom of God.

The Jesus question of the day asks, “What do you have?” That is, “What do you have that would be useful to the Kingdom of God? The truth is that the answer might be “everything.” Whatever we have, we need to offer it up to the King of Kings for His use. Whoever gave up […]

The line in the sands of time…

...your choice.

There is a destination for us all to either heaven or hell. It makes me happy when I reckon that a person has chosen to follow the love of God that leads to heaven. Those who resist the urgings of the Holy Spirit are bound for hell. Whether you’re a terrorist bomber or simply a […]


...with God.

Yes! Let’s celebrate. Jesus is with us. We are not without Him. The resurrected Lord is with you by your choice and His redemptive action. Hallelujah! Matthew 9:14-15 (NIV2011) 14 Then John’s disciples came and asked him, “How is it that we and the Pharisees fast often, but your disciples do not fast?” 15  Jesus answered, “How […]