Future of The Salvation Army…

...might include you.

Often I am asked about the future of The Salvation Army. My answer almost always includes my lack of interest in the perpetuity of the movement. Factually, it will survive the rapture! Not because there are leaders who will not be taken up when Jesus returns, but because in many places, the financial security of […]

Tragedy Strikes…

...how do we prepare?

We learned this morning that a tour bus in Mexico took a bad direction, crashed, wounding many and killing some. Two of those who lost their lives are known to Salvationists. Andy Fritz and his wife Jodi were two of those who left this place for heaven. Our hearts go out to their family, of […]

Leading on Tuesday…

...business at hand.

Following a good Sunday and Monday, Tuesday can be more about the business of the week. Stats need to be done, petty cash, maybe reorganizing thoughts about what’s important, staff meeting so everyone’s on the right page. When you leave these things for Friday, it catches up with you and will slow you down. How […]

Major Effie Patrick

Carolyn and I were honored to participate in the Celebration of Life Service for Major Effie Patrick. She and her husband David served for many years as capable officers of The Salvation Army here in the USA Western Territory. He was Promoted to Glory shortly after retirement. She now joins him in eternal happiness in […]

Greenland Finale

Another great day in Nuuk, Greenland has concluded with glory to God and further gratitude to the officers stationed here. Devotions together this morning were an inspiration. We were looking at the mystery of the gospel and finished with “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” The finale today was the meeting in the prison […]

Greenland Salvation Army

Still sharing in ministry in Nuuk, Greenland, Carolyn and I are celebrating the faithfulness of the officers here as we are the Spirit of God. From the testimonies of the leaders here, we see the provision of God in many ways to accomplish His will. With their daily feeding ministry, much of the food is […]

FOF People Count

If I give everything I own to the poor and even go to the stake to be burned as a martyr, but I don’t love, I’ve gotten nowhere. So, no matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I’m bankrupt without love. Love never gives up. Love cares more for others than […]

God is at work.

In The Salvation Army our officers are ordained ministers and commissioned to serve God by serving others. To become an officer, one must successfully complete the two year officers training course at our College for Officer Training. To enter the CFOT you must make application to our Candidates’ Board. When these applicant cases are received […]

‘Tis the Season…

In the last two days Carolyn and I have attended the Christmas Festivities for Retired Officers of four divisions: Del Oro, Golden State, Sierra Del Mar and Southern California. We have enjoyed every minute and celebrated the friendship and service of these beautiful people. Each of them having served the Lord for many years, continue […]

Candidates for Officership

With Candidates’ Council today, we added seven more Accepted Candidates to the next session of Cadets at our College For Officer Training. Hallelujah! Listening to their testimonies and declarations of their calling by God simply blesses my heart and encourages me in the journey of serving in The Salvation Army. They speak of life long […]