Being an Effective Chairperson

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Whether you’re a chairperson of the Board of Directors or a Task Force, there are some principles that will help you accomplish your goals. Here are the final three of nine: Mind the Clock – The shorter the better. Maintain Respect – It’s the best way to receive respect. Discipline Staff Work – It’s what […]

Being an Effective Chairperson

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A Chairperson, among many things, is a leader. This is a tremendous opportunity to breathe into decisions and decision makers. I’m listing nine recommendations for the Chairperson as follows: Mind the Clock – The shorter the better. Maintain Respect – It’s the best way to receive respect. Discipline Staff Work – It’s what you do […]

Being an Effective Chairperson

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The Chairperson of a board or committee is an advantageous opportunity to make a difference. Already I expose my predilection to advancing a cause as opposed to maintenance. If that’s your hope, make note of nine suggestions that come from a lifetime of experience in these matters on a micro and macro scale. Mind the […]

Leadership Transition…

...what to expect...

Leadership transition happens in many places every day. Are there matters that concern us we should look out for? I think so. Consider these: Change is coming. Needed or not, new leadership brings change simply because the driving force of leadership is different. This is not inherently bad and may be a relief in the […]

Crisis Leadership… surprise.

Still remaining with issues for what I call crisis leadership, a good leader has an expectation of a crisis. Whether it be product failure, bad press, poor performance or otherwise, the crisis shouldn’t come as a complete surprise. A leader is circumspect in these things, knowing where the chain of operations is weakest and where […]

Crisis Leadership…

...mission critical.

Still thinking of crisis leadership today, I want to draw attention to the need for mission imperatives in the process. Often crisis management involves process and process refinement, if not realignment. These are appropriate directions in working through a crisis, but never paramount. Most important is to retain a focus on the essential objectives of […]


...utmost importance.

More important than structure, organization or accountability is mission. Of course all are important to the mission, but secondary to it. The mission represents purpose, intention, plans and dreams. It is in missional terms that we measure the effectiveness of a company, organization, or movement. In the USA Western Territory of The Salvation Army, we […]


...and still get it all done.

I work in an amazing movement known as The Salvation Army, which is, by necessity a large bureaucracy. Like many other organizations large and small, we endure and enjoy the many distinctives and requirements for careful administration of mission in service to God and people. Many of these procedures seem unnecessary and time wasting, but we […]

Leading on Thursday…

...with prayer and exercise.

We might think of an exercise of prayer which would be good, but I am more inclined to suggest a time of prayer on Thursday as the week is passing and the inclination might be to get to the things that aren’t yet done. Hold your position on your knees and commit it to the […]

Leading on Wednesday…

...activities and Bible.

Moving through the week there is a progression and a purpose in how we lead. Wednesday will surely give you opportunities for interaction with small groups in activities or Bible study. I’d suggest the day start with personal Bible study beyond your daily devotions. We all need a deep challenge. Perhaps there’s a good study […]