1400 People Seeking God

... rally in SoCal

1,400 people came together at Camps Mount Crags and Gilmore over the weekend. Men, women and kids all had a great day of spiritual nourishment and interaction that drew most everyone to the Lord. Commissioner Carolyn Knaggs spoke to the women. Author, David Morrow met with the men. The kids had a number of youth […]

Actor Hector David Jr. volunteers at The Way in Hollywood

...he's not just acting here.

The Way is a great mission of The Salvation Army. Listen to what Hector David Jr. says about his experience as a volunteer. John 14:6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. (Click on the title if you do not see […]

Fresno, California

...125 years and still counting.

With the help of TV celebrities Joey Horta and Julie Musgrave from Fresno’s CBS47, the Fresno Corps celebrated their 125th Anniversary in this good city with 450+ friends at a banquet last night. Also featured was an ARC Choir that sang and witnessed to the grace of God in their lives, Life Members of the […]

San Bernardino, California

...building dedication

To call the occasion at San Bernardino a building dedication is a bit simplistic. In fact, it was a Campus Dedication with multiple buildings and facilities. Major Daniel Henderson and Captain Anya Henderson are the Corps Officers here and they are doing a remarkable job. The facilities indoor and outdoor are functional, missional, and they […]

Cascade Division

...a beautiful place to serve the Lord.

Lt. Colonel Judith Smith is the Divisional Commander of this good division of the USA Western Territory, based in Portland, Oregon. It contains many corps and service institutions that are regularly serving the Lord around the clock to anyone that presents a viable need. I’m grateful for their every effort. Their future is solid as […]

Greshem, Oregon

a great Salvation Army

We spent a few days this weekend in Gresham, Oregon. Majors James and Laura Sullivan are the Corps Officers there. First it was the building dedication of the second stage of their building project. In addition to their beautiful chapel, classrooms, offices and activity rooms, they’ve now added a new kitchen, primary activity room, food […]

Social Services Creative Caucus

Continuing today, the Territorial Social Services Creative Caucus is meeting at Crestmont. They are meeting to change the ‘Army.’ That is, to make it better. Our social services operate straight from Jesus’ command “to love our neighbors” and from the essence of our mission to love others in practical ways without discrimination. So we help […]

SAY Summit – Del Oro Style

Carolyn and I enjoyed being present for the Del Oro Division SAY Summit. You know that the event means Salvation Army Youth Summit and was formerly known as Youth Councils. No matter what you call it, the young people had a great time in spiritual formation, worship, commitment and fun. Congratulations to the division for […]

No More Youth Councils?

For a few generations, Youth Councils has been the youth event of the year. The fact that I’ve been going to them for 50 years ought to tell us something. While I don’t remember a bad Youth Councils, I wonder what the terms really mean to a teenager today? More of the same forever? In […]

50 Years a Senior Soldier

While conducting the Easter Convention at Boscombe, UKT Corps, I realized the 50th anniversary of being enrolled as a Senior Soldier in The Salvation Army. It was on Easter Sunday 1965 at the Niagara Falls, NY, Citadel Corps by my father, Major Roderick Knaggs. I remember the day and can visualize it, knowing that it […]