Northwest Division

We’re here in Seattle, at the divisional headquarters of the Northwest Division of the USA Western Territory. Majors Doug and Sheryl Tollerud are the Divisional Leaders and are presently serving under recently issued farewell orders. If this Command Review was the summary of their ministry here, it can be reported that they have done a […]

Pahrump, Nevada

Not far from Las Vegas is a beautiful little town of Pahrump, Nevada. Lts. Kim and Tim Brown are the Corps Leaders and are turning the ministry into a full fledged SA Corps. We were able to observe youth programming during our visit and to our surprise (not really) the Divisional Youth Leaders were there […]

What is 135 years old and growing?

The answer is: The Salvation Army in America. Such an interesting movement, brought here 15 years after the Christian Mission was founded and later became The Salvation Army. Lt. Eliza Shirley, as a 16 year old, moved to Philadelphia with her parents and conducted the first recognized SA meeting on American soil with a street […]

Tustin Ranch Corps

One of the leading corps in the Territory, The Tustin Ranch, California Corps is an exceptional expression of Salvationist enterprise. Led by Captains Nigel and Stacey Cross, the corps also represents the center of our Orange County operations as well. It’s a very engaging location with wonderful ministry in action. Participating in the Holiness meeting […]

El Cajon, California

Wow! If you’re looking to worship God with an energetic, Spirit filled fellowship, get to the Corps at El Cajon. It is alive and well. Captains Rutendo and Terry Masango lead the charge to the glory of God. The corps hall was filled today as we were led into worship with excellent music, witness and […]

Hawaii and Pacific Islands Division

The expression of Salvationism in the Hawaii and Pacific Islands Divisions is one of the finest in The Salvation Army. They reach out to the least, the last, and the lost with compassion, God directed support, and hope for the salvation of the world. Led capably by Majors John and Lani Chamness, the officers, locals, […]

Jackson, Mississippi

The Salvation Army in Jackson, Mississippi is alive and well. In meetings here this week, the National Advisory Board of The Salvation Army has been hosted by the folks from Jackson in a first class manner. It started with a great leadership breakfast at the hotel today where the Governor of Mississippi addressed us all […]

Tucson United

Sunday morning was filled with praise to God as The Salvation Army of Tucson met together for a united holiness meeting. Seven Junior Soldiers were enrolled. Approximately seventeen Adherent Members were enjoined and 12 Senior Soldiers enrolled. There was great music by Captains Billy and Annalise Francis made the meeting just right. The ARC Chorus […]

Candidates for Officership

With Candidates’ Council today, we added seven more Accepted Candidates to the next session of Cadets at our College For Officer Training. Hallelujah! Listening to their testimonies and declarations of their calling by God simply blesses my heart and encourages me in the journey of serving in The Salvation Army. They speak of life long […]

‘Count Me In’ Convention Celebrates Success and Closer Integration

NEWS FEATURE: ‘Count Me In’ Convention Celebrates Success and Closer Integration MORE than 5,000 people attended the first-ever ‘Count Me In’ convention, celebrating the adult rehabilitation centre (ARC) programme in The Salvation Army’s USA Western Territory and its emerging partnership with corps (church) ministry. ARC beneficiaries, alumni, family members, administrators, volunteers, corps officers and soldiers […]