Come Now, Let Us Reason Together…


In most realities in life, there are more than two sides to an experience, expectation, or opportunity. Bipartisanship that we hear about daily is a simplified and naive perspective in life. It’s why there is so much confusion as to how to expect people, and in this case political parties, to come to workable solutions. There are are aspects and nuances of almost every issue they encounter that simply defaults to one side or the other. Are the issues serious, yes. Are they uniquely solvable by siding in partisan form, no.

Intelligent people, representing a vast multi-partisan electorate, seem to defer to issues of control, face-saving, power hungry attitudes and decisions…hardly respectable.

It is, however, what we have. So do we vote them all out and start over? Term limits?

We have a mess and we need better.

It seems, every day, we prove the grace of God on our behalf.

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