Communicating in Social Media…

...can be effective.

I have enjoyed social media through the years. I was there when it all became popular and jumped in to see what it was all about. After many years of engagement, I understand it as another way to communicate with friends and others who have yet to become friends.

There is a whole lot of nonsense on social media. Much of it turns out to be amusing and other contributions are frustrating. So now we know what you had for dinner last night, where it was and who you were with. I suppose that might be our conversation if we bumped into each other somewhere (that too might find itself on s/m. I have learned much from checking these postings. People are moving, changing jobs, having babies, grieving, celebrating, and in major transition. This is all relevant to many in many ways.

I wonder if Christians understand there postings represent Christ? Maybe they’d be a little more gracious and not so quick to set the record straight as they see it. Perhaps they need to vent and the rest of us should simply accept them for who they are and the complexities of their lives that drive them to their opinions.

I am surprised by the detailed and in-depth information sharing by corporate entities. A good Forbes article goes along way with me as do relevant posts of significant support. I congratulate all those who invest in the rest of us in this way. Our lives can be enriched by these.

Throughout the postings, there are frequent references to the love and provision of God. Perhaps that speaks to my circle of friends, but I appreciate it regularly. I may not always share them, but I value their influence on me.

So what’s up with you today? An announcement? Encouraging word? or just keeping to yourself? Remember to stay connected with others for your own good health and theirs.

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