Crisis Leadership… surprise.

Still remaining with issues for what I call crisis leadership, a good leader has an expectation of a crisis. Whether it be product failure, bad press, poor performance or otherwise, the crisis shouldn’t come as a complete surprise. A leader is circumspect in these things, knowing where the chain of operations is weakest and where vulnerability exists.

I prefer a leadership style that empowers others to think and act creatively. That style of leadership knows that such an approach can easily fail if we have the wrong people around us. That in itself should raise a consciousness in the mind and practice of a leader not to be so surprised when something goes awry.

As it relates to product, a leader should know enough about their product to see where something could go wrong. Even after strict testing and proofs of reliability, a crisis can occur and require a recall, retraction, or overhaul.

When we lead with this type of awareness, we are ahead of crisis mitigation. It’s a good approach.

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