Crisis Leadersip…

...not just management.

While tempted to write a few words about crisis management, I prefer to think and comment on crisis leadership. Crisis management is keeping peace in turbulent times. Crisis leadership is smoothing the waters and taking advantage of the crisis for added benefit.

Here’s a simple example of how that looks: A product is determined to be faulty and creates a crisis on many levels. The crisis manager corrects the problem and mitigates the collateral damage. A crisis leader surely does that but also improves the product or changes the nature of it with proper promotion to not simply rectify the issue but to use the opportunity to advance.

As in many things, we need managers who keep the works moving and in good order. I enjoy the leadership aspects of life pointing to new direction and promising possibilities. This is true when dealing with productivity, people, and promotion.

Have a crisis? It’s an opportunity.

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