Deep Convictions…

...need a proper basis.

We’re witnessing deep convictions in our culture today. The Australians have recently expressed their convictions in a recent vote to legalize marriage of adults regardless of their gender. American football players are expressing their convictions on the field during the playing of the national anthem. Others in America are turning away from the nfl because of their convictions about respecting the flag and all. The British remain in the conflict of convictions about Brexit. Radical Islam expresses their deep convictions in horrific ways.

What then, is the basis of these deep convictions? Well, they’re all mostly different. Some from sacred writings, some from cultural acceptance, common sense, tradition and nationalism, to name only a few. We each need to re-evaluate the motivation of our deep convictions and draw careful conclusions as to the basis of our morals and framework for living.

I commend to you the Bible. When you reckon a personal relationship with the Creator as revealed there, you’re getting closer to the basis of all living things and guidance for deep convictions. You’ll discover amazing realities based in love for you and all of us. In its pages and in relationship you’ll find your way, the truth and your life. Proper deep convictions will follow.

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