Differences, not Disagreement

...we're not the same.

How interesting it is to look over a crowded public area in transportation, shopping or street corners to witness the amazing differences in each of us. Isn’t it still unimaginable that we all have unique finger prints? I wonder if God is recycling some from centuries past and whose you got? Someone famous or infamous?

I also so hear once in a while that we likely have a double in appearance in the world somewhere. That’s a bit scary. I feel for the fellow that might have gotten the short straw with my image.

We are all different and unique. We have different experiences, training, and exposures. Even twins are each unique.

So we shouldn’t be surprised or annoyed when we have different opinions. I think some of the most effective people in the world have sorted this out to their advantage. The opposite end of the spectrum would be the person who is distracted by taking such differences personally. Nothing truly gained there.

Can we agree that we’re different and that’s OK? We just don’t need to be the same.

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