Merriam-Webster gives us these options to define discipline:

a control gained by enforcing obedience or order
b orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior

In my thinking today, I have in mind the second and third choices where we all need discipline in our lives, not necessarily correction.

In the midst of my 67th year, I am convinced that the disciplined life produces life at it’s best. The steady influence of a regular pattern of behavior not only assures good practise, but reduces the number of decisions one must make on the journey. Discipline in our relationship with God is surely beneficial to us, not depending upon feelings, but building upon what is true, right and holy. Even regular activities are best employed when they are a part of our discipline, like brushing teeth, flossing and the like.

It makes sense that we understand Jesus followers as disciples from the same root meaning pupil.

When my father was dying of brain cancer which affected the “caring” center of his brain, I asked him if He still loved God. He said to me, “Jim, I don’t need to feel anything to know that I love Him or you. I just know I do.” That comes from discipline.

Today, let your disciplines include prayer, Bible study, loving your family and God, respecting others, actively caring for others, honesty and in summary, holiness. Your needed.

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