Disruptive Leadership…

...emerging concept.

Disruptive Leadership is a trending idea that many are embracing, particularly, the new generation. It speaks of a movement to unsettle the negative and impedinbg aspects of the status quo. It’s the new word for change. I suppose every generation needs to believe they have a new slant on the future, although, it still sounds repetitive. In the 60’s, we thought we were changing the world. We did in many ways, but it all tends to be ultimately superficial. There’s change, but it isn’t deep or lasting.

President Trump seems to be enjoying disruptive leadership in this leadership by chaos. I don’t mean to be negative about him or his style. I hardly know enough about government and politics to even have a valid opinion on that. I believe it is commonly understood that his style is chaotic with a purpose…or disruptive. It’s interesting that while sociologists applaud disruptive leadership, they are not generally in line with the White House.

Jesus is a much better example of disruptive Leadership with substance. He absolutely stood up to the negative aspects of the status quo, gave His life for His cause and continues to influence the same for over 2,000 years. Here’s disruptive leadership I can follow and recommend for this generation, the past generation, and the next generation. We will always have the status quo that will need correcting. new life will be found in Jesus and it starts with love.

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