Executive Maturity…

...for aspiring leaders.

One becomes a leader when one has a follower.

It’s amusing to observe a parent in the grocery store who is being commanded by their two year old as to what to buy, where to go, and definitely, who to please. At that point, the child is the leader.

Good leadership is more refined. I’m beginning to see best leadership in the context of executive maturity. The best leaders are balanced in perspective, circumspect in consideration and indifferent in personal affect. These are the mature executives and they are the winners.

Mostly, it comes from experience, plenty of trial and error, and good old fashioned common sense. Are you up for it? The bright ones catch on quickly and need not make many of their own mistakes, but learn heaps from the leaders they observe. Good for them.

Let our leaders then, consider how they might continue to mature in their executive responsibilities to take us to new heights and God honoring endeavors.

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