Faith informs Politics…

...not the other way around.

As believers in God, we take our morality and direction in life from Him. We find this very much in a careful reading of His Word, a relationship with Jesus, in fellowship with other believers and in the midst of mission. I’m convinced that all are necessary for a proper understanding of life as it should be.

It follows naturally, then that our politics and cultural positioning should be framed by our faith.

It is God who declares the equality of gender and races. He is the one that values life as precious, from creation, all human beings being made in His image. He establishes morality out of these values so that we are not misguided by our sinful nature, absent from a relationship with Him.

When politics inform faith, we are inappropriately led by human consensus, not under the influence of holiness, but personal preferences that include selfish desires and rationality that has a touch of logic, but insufficient in itself to care for and protect all. It too takes us a distance from our loving Creator who made a way of escape from the influence of the enemy, who plans our demise. God made a way of salvation through His Son, Jesus that we might recognize His love for us and receive His blessing as a result.

From personal experience and from observation, I know this to be the true way forward for all.

Looking for the right way forward for yourself, your family, your culture (faith informs culture…not the other way around too), your gender, your country? Start with faith in God.

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