Family Time…

...a great plan.

Experiencing good family time over the holidays is a gift. We have been enjoying family and more yet to come today. Thank the Lord.

A casual reference through social media reveals extraordinary family occasions across the country. You can see table decorations and meals of all sorts. Some have spent time outdoors with kids, others have gone shopping together. It seems like a treasure and how smart to record it with photos shared for friends and distant families to enjoy. It wasn’t so long ago that the phone would ring and someone would answer, shouting to all, “long distance.” It was family calling from out of town and long distance, which meant from another town was costly.

I also noticed Salvation Army Commissionings in Canada and Australia with a big SA event at the Royal Albert Hall in London. All reasons for celebration and healthy excitement. Thanks for posting it all. The scenes each speak of the grace of God in the lives of His children. Seems heavenly.

For those prepared, the day is coming when we will be doing this for the rest of time. Today’s a day closer for all of us. Hallelujah!

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