Following God…

...always interesting.

If you want to take the right steps in life, follow God. It’ll always be interesting.

If you are simply looking for change, be sure to consult with the One who knows what lies before you and is interested in your well being. I consulted with a couple yesterday who are thinking of a significant change in their picture. Not really interested in relocating, they’re reconsidering their involvements in a certain area and will likely make an adjustment before long.

We spoke about their need for a re-prioritizing of their commitments, considering that their objectives in life have little to do with wealth, but purpose. Seeking the Lord, they are gaining in their confidence to make the adjustment. Actually, it will free them to do more of what they believe is important, particularly in light of their faith in God.

I wish them well and believe in their intention to seek the Lord faithfully in this time in their life.

When we follow God, we’re on the right track.

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