Forecasting… accurate?

Telling the future has been tempting since the beginning of time. There are signs of the seasons that can be reliable. Farmers and seafarers have used these signs to good effect.

Did you listen to the weather report today? Looked it up on your phone? I suppose they’re getting more accurate as we go along so we know what to wear outdoors for the day.

I’m interested in longer range forecasting. When we hope to plan a picnic or outdoor event months in advance, it’d be good to know with certainty what to expect. As I look at it today, I don’t see the potential as viable. There simply are too many variables to predict more than a day or two as to what will happen.

When the toddler, learning how to walk nears the top of the stairs, the parent predicts their downfall and acts directly towards avoidance. The same is said about the BB gun handler, “You could put an eye out with that.”

God’s Word is a reliable predictor of the future. Heaven bound? The Bible reveals the way you should go. Peace in your heart? I can prophesy exactly how that can happen by the authority of the Creator.

Let your forecast be one that includes a joy filled eternity. All accurate!

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