Future of The Salvation Army…

...might include you.

Often I am asked about the future of The Salvation Army. My answer almost always includes my lack of interest in the perpetuity of the movement. Factually, it will survive the rapture! Not because there are leaders who will not be taken up when Jesus returns, but because in many places, the financial security of the Army including its major investment holdings (all proper and evidence of good stewardship) and property ownership will guarantee it’s continuance of a sort. Undoubtedly, at that moment the need for SA services will skyrocket as well.

The future of TSA is immediate and important to us all. I do fully expect it to last up to the return of Christ.

The future is best approached with a renewed emphasis on mission through its members. I’ve been known to pray that “every soldier in TSA would be a Salvationist.” Drawing strength from our soldiers (including officers), adherents, members (Women’s Ministries, Advisory Board, Sunday School, etc,…), employees, staff, and volunteers will be our only way forward. We need to join together in strength to fulfill our mission to win the world for Jesus. That expression is loaded with opportunities for us all in the introduction of God’s love to all be our self sacrifice and care for others, our capacity to lead others to saving and sanctifying faith, helping them to grow in their faith as disciples of Jesus and facilitating their passion to each be a Salvationist.

Does it include you?

I think it does.

Uniform? Maybe.

Prayer? All the way.

Fulfillment and purpose? Unquestionably!

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