Get The Word Out…

...more options than ever.

Fake news is in the news…and it ought to be. It’s wearisome to sort out the news from historic news organizations that we believed in our naiveté was right on and truthful. Often in conflict with political opinion, we looked for the reality among us…until…it occurred that we might be getting filtered messages from another dominant force in our culture, the media. After that, Hollywood seemed suspicious too.

I’ve stopped reading weekly news magazines except one which can go unnamed. I’ve canceled two major newspapers from my daily consumption, and I’m choosing my network news on television carefully, noting the strong biases that are being communicated.

We have other options to get out the word we are trying to communicate. First of all, we can have a voice of our own and get it out broadly on social media platforms, that if strategically, applied, can be effective. Remember the Arab Spring Uprisings? The Pew Research Center in their internet article says this:

“Social media indeed played a part in the Arab uprisings. Networks formed online were crucial in organizing a core group of activists, specifically in Egypt. Civil society leaders in Arab countries emphasized the role of “the internet, mobile phones, and social media” in the protests. Additionally, digital media has been used by Arabs to exercise freedom of speech and as a space for civic engagement.”

Real impact and influence can be generated by the likes of us with a conscientious effort online.

After you’ve posted a photo of your last meal or pet, why not circulate some truths that guide your life? You might be surprised at who is listening.

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