Great Ideas…

Where do they come from?

We met with a big thinker this week. I like to be in the company of big thinkers. Their perspective can be so unique and helpful to see the forest from the trees.

As we talked, you could almost see the wheels of his imaginative mind going to work, considering the many different possibilities and probabilities that germinated from a few thoughts of ours. Then, like a light bulb appearing above his head, we witnessed a new discovery connected to something he had been thinking about for days. He had it.

Part of his celebratory comment was that this conversation will prove to be historic in the days to come. We were there, at least. While not entirely sure how our input helped, he credited us with the spark that made it all come together.

We’ll see.

We all need big thinkers in our lives. They help with our hopes and can give us confidence in going forward. I’m grateful for the big thinkers in my life.

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