Hard News

...more terror in London.

Again today the news is full of another terrorist attack in London.

When will it stop?

How can we stop it?

What can we do?

The wisest of our culture in law enforcement and government are trying hard to quell these attacks. I imagine there would be even more if good people weren’t working so hard to stop it all.

There’s more to do.

Give in? This is not an acceptable solution and wouldn’t stop the terror. Even if the terrorists had complete control over all nations, there would be terror to keep it that way and terror among factions.

Ignore? This is not acceptable either. Allowing our innocent sisters and brothers, children and parents to suffer the consequences as if we were living by the roll of the dice?

Move away from the cities? I’m sure many have taken this option for other, less catastrophic reasons, but terrorism will find you there eventually. These extremists are looking for global domination.

Fight? Herein lies the only tenable solution. Perhaps it’s a new form of war that many are calling it. We need to protect our loved ones and ourselves in the most effective way possible.

As believers, our most effective weapon is found in love. Let us be assertive in our relationships with people of Islam, showing them the way of Jesus in truth leading to life.

We cannot leave it to community or national officials. It is our responsibility and can be our joy.

“Yes, Lord.”

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