Harvest Initiatives

Our territory has been studying initiatives that will help to win the world for Jesus. We have looked at Adult Rehabilitation Center Beneficiaries and their becoming engaged at the corps. We have looked at young people at camp who have made a decision to have a relationship with God and their follow up at the corps. Both of these are underway and having success.

We have, however, more to do. This week a Creative Caucus is meeting to review the progress of the ARC Beneficiary initiative. There remain some important people unconvinced, or at least, unmoved to support this cause. Hopefully, we can gain more ground in this way to honor God.

Luke 8:15
“But the seed in the good earth—these are the good-hearts who seize the Word and hold on no matter what, sticking with it until there’s a harvest.”

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  • Darren Stratton

    Having experienced this first hand I know it can work! We are enjoying the work we are engaged with at Tucson ARC and Amphi Corps.

    • Jim Knaggs

      Praise the Lord! …and thank you for your ministry.

  • Yesterday, I had the privilege of sitting amongst this wonderful group of people. Their hearts for the Kingdom and love for the people God has entrusted to us was a blessing. Its’ one thing to say, “Great idea”, but its’ quite another to roll up your sleeves and make it happen. These people have sacrificed a lot on both sides, much like a healthy marriage to help ARC graduates find a home in the Corps. In the last 2 1/2 years graduate enrollment as soldiers has tripled!!! Praise the Lord!!!

    • Jim Knaggs

      Thanks for being there, Robyn.

  • dawn

    As an ARC Officer in another territory I would love to learn about your ARC Beneficiary Initiative. In our local setting we are blessed to have a wonderful relationship with our corps. However, there are growing pains with ever increasing numbers of those openly in recovery see the corps their faith community/church home. How is your initiative looking at ways to integrate field officers into a holistic understanding of recovery principles? I feel if we can foster the blending of these faith communities (Corps and ARC) we will move with greater purpose as one Army. Props for your concerted effort!