Heart Broken in 17 Pieces…

...and more.

The School shooting in Florida this week has us all heart broken. The families of these children and adults are in need of our prayers and active support. I believe God’s heart too was broken by this demonstration of senseless evil. Make no mistake about this, the enemy had everything to do with it. The guilty young man was persuaded by the evil in the world led by satan, himself.

“Lord, please minister to those who are grieving in these days from this evil. Please send along the right people to support them just now with grace, love, and understanding. Receive us each as confusion abounds and hopes for solutions are presented. May we not forget these loved ones who lost their lives at the hand of this shooter. Bless those that mourn. In Jesus’ name.”

It’s too soon to think about solutions if it displaces our grief and immediate loss. It’s too late to do so if it means others will be victimized before we act.

Violence in our culture is excessive and thought to be mostly benign through movies, games, tv shows, toys, and the frequency of reality in the news. We are quick to condemn people of different opinions and merciless to those who see life differently. We understand that the root of this is sin and that it will be solved when the whole world knows the salvation of our God through Jesus.

Even so, Lord, come quickly.

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