How Far Would You Drive to Church?

...more than miles.

I recall counseling a couple who wanted to buy their first home. One of the issues was that they couldn’t afford a home anywhere near their church. For various reasons I strongly encouraged them to rethink their decision as their church was important to them and they were important to their church.

I suppose the decision is up to the individual as to how far they might travel to get to the right church. The options seem to go this way:

  • Does the distance discourage active participation?
  • Does the distance impose extra costs for gas, tolls, or other fares?
  • Would bad weather diminish attendance?
  • Would an older car impose extra risks with longer trips?

Other considerations might include these:

  • How deep is your love for the church in question?
  • Is there a role you can serve in the church?
  • Do other family members or good friends attend there?
  • Are you dedicated to your denomination?

At the end of the day, here’s what I would suggest:

  1. Belong  to a church – Don’t let the distance keep you distant from God or His children.
  2. Ask God for direction. He will give you directions to the right church.
  3. Go to the church that includes you and values your involvement.
  4. Make sure it’s a church that reveres the Bible.
  5. Your church should be more than a social club and include helping the marginalized.
  6. Your church should have global concerns. Our neighbors that we are to love are close and far away.
  7. Your church should have an active appetite to introduce others to the Savior.
  8. Your church should be a praying church.

So it is more than miles , but it is very important. Make a good choice and glorify God.

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