...more than a day.

“Do they have a 4th of July in England?” It’s an old (and not funny) joke.

The American tradition to celebrate independence from England is a serious matter. In 1776, the conditions were such that those seeking religious freedom in the new world, expected self determination to be inherent. It wasn’t.

So the Revolution began with a war that stole the lives of many on both sides of the issues. It also eventually emboldened this new land with ideas of liberty that hadn’t been known before. Of course, the original inhabitants of what is now North America suffered by such an invasion. Their civil rights were not only ignored, but destroyed.

Such an anomaly…and unfortunate at that.

Overall, I imagine the greater cost of our independence was borne by the indigenous people we call American Indians.

We celebrate this reality in a day every year. We might do so every day as we also mourn the loss for those who lived here before the Europeans and others invaded the land.

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