Keeping It Straight

Apps that work for me.

I enjoy things digital and believe some of the hype that some of these things actually help me accomplish other things while cutting down on the time it takes and the anxiety of getting it all done. Now I need an app to cut back on run-on sentences. I know they exist.


My favorite app to use for taking notes, writing sermons, clipping web material and resources is Evernote. You’ll have to check to see if it costs anything. I use their Premium service, so I know there’s a cost to that.

Best Features:

  • Versatile – It meets my best note taking and organizing attempts.
  • Across devices – I use Apple devices. It works instantaneously and seamlessly with all my devices. No exceptions so far. I’m sure it’s as good on android and PC platforms.
  • Not WiFi dependent – This of course, is something you need to set up. Corrections to text only work across the devices if connected to the internet.
  • It takes photos and will organize business cards simply.
  • They add options regularly.


While using it on my Apple devices, Kindle is still my favorite book reading app.

Best Features:

  • Amazon has almost every book you’d want
  • Good prices
  • Works on all devices
  • Allows highlighting and copying for pasting to other programs
  • Reveals a collection of other readers’ highlights


Easiest to use on all devices including the car.

  • Great Playlists
  • Features in automobile are best
  • Doesn’t drain the battery or eat up data

I am now trying the Amazon Prime Music which has some similar features.


  • This app gives me an additional firewall in public WiFi places
  • It also allows me to sign on as if I’m in a different city or country. (If you have to ask why, you don’t need this feature.)


This is a relatively new app that came to my attention from a good business friend.

Best Features:

  • Organizes life
  • ToDo Lists
  • Projects

Like many other apps, you can simply speak into this one and it captures your thoughts and instructions in text accurately, though not perfectly. I’m using this now every day more and more. My friend suggested it would change my life. So far the changes are OK.

I use many more, but these stand out as regularly used and valued.

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