Leading on Friday and Saturday

...every day's different.

Friday – Had I been able to blog yesterday, I would have advised that Friday is a supplies and preparation day. There are things you need to pick up and rooms that need to be ready for the weekend. It’s also your last chance to really clean up the week. A leader I know will not go home on any day until the day’s work is complete. While that may not be possible many days, it’s a good plan for Friday. N0t necessarily the day to start the new project, but the day to finish others.

Saturday – Some of our Saturdays are committed to regional and special events. It just shouldn’t be true of every Saturday. This might actually be your Sabbath when you only do what is essential outside of your family or with them. It’s the day to prepare your heart for Sunday worship. Don’t leave that out. Sunday shouldn’t be a surprise.

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