Loving God…

...the way.

I pray that you know God.

I pray that you have a relationship with Him.

This is all made possible through the sacrificial love of God realized in the death of His Son, Jesus. He paid the penalty for our disobedience to God and did so with love in His heart for you and me.

You can know Him today by admitting to your failure to love Him revealed in your actions, words, and deeds that are contrary to His plan for each of us. Recognize that Jesus is the one who saves you and allowing Him to guide your life. He will actually enter your life with a fulness of love you’ve never known but have always desired.

Connecting with other believers will help you in your journey as you study God’s word and share your dreams and desires with Him. You will begin to see your appetites change from a self absorbed life to a God directed life…and so will others see. Now you’re so blessed by this new relationship that you’ll be telling others about Him and how they too can experience the same realities in their lives. Your joy deepens because you’re seeing a holy purpose in your life and the possibilities of the world’s salvation.

There’s way more to it than what I’ve written here. I’m still discovering new hope in God. It’s the way.

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