...more than agreement.

We have seen much in the news lately about loyalty. Most team leaders including executives expect loyalty from their people. I always do. Sometimes it comes from respect and other times it comes from position. It’s tough when it must come from a mandate.

Loyalty, however, is much more than the definition we are hearing from the news. When the President (or anybody) asks someone for loyalty, it’s naive to think that only means agreement. Loyalty is much deeper as it includes an honest relationship. In the case of the President and the FBI Director, I would expect loyalty to include expressed caution when the conversation borders on inappropriate direction or recommendation. In that case, the loyal FBI Director would immediately protect the President from himself if he were about to cross an indefensible line. A disloyal person would let it happen and possibly even encourage such development.

If we respect one another, we must be loyal to each other as well.

Being loyal to God is a delight. He always protects us in the process. Give it a try.

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