Major Norman Rock…


Today, the family and friends of Major Norman Rock are coming together to celebrate his life and influence among us. Norm is one of the good ones, who lived and loved as he believed. His faith in Jesus is an established fact as he lived a life of sacrifice to worship the Lord in every day and in every relationship. He and Elsie served God together in The Salvation Army wherever they were asked and have given their best in each opportunity.

He will be missed significantly this side of heaven by all of us who were fortunate to hear his voice through the years. Always careful, constructive and competent, he encouraged many of us and set a high standard by his own witness to God’s love. I have good memories of his counsel and support that have carried me and strengthened my own resolve to serve the Master.

I know there will be weeping at his life celebration from grief, but there will be a stronger witness of victory as the man who was willing to show us the Way is remembered for his strength and lasting influence. Jesus prepared a place for him, special, just as He promised. Listen to the life of Norm Rock and be led to saving grace in Jesus.

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