Making Good Decisions…

...leadership essential.

One of my favorite leaders used to say, “I may not always be right, but I’m decisive.” When entering a restaurant and being asked, “where would you like to sit?” he would always choose a table. He would never leave it to the recommendation of the hostess. He was always decisive.

Some leaders are so fixated on the correctness of the decision, they are paralyzed and find it most difficult. You’ll recognize this type of leader by responses, like these:

  • Let’s wait until we have more information.
  • Double check this request to see if it’s right.
  • Have they followed all the proper procedures?
  • The timing isn’t just right on this.
  • Let’s defer this one until someone has a chance to look into it further.
  • I want to wait on this until everyone has weighed in on it.
  • The funding isn’t quite right on this.
  • Send it back for clarification.

Now you may say I’m not being fair on some of these and that they are indeed valid causes for concern. Hogwash. A good leader knows the situation and makes needed corrections on the spot or flatly turns it down. In the movement I worked in for 40 years, the chairman had most of the authority to make any project viable.

A good decision advances the work and affirms the participants. None of those answers above do that.

Be the leader you were meant to be.

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