Maud, Emma, and Evangeline: America’s Love Affair With The 3 Booth Women

There’s a new book by The Salvation Army that you’ll want to read. It’s published by the USA Western Territory and is written by Canadian Salvationist and scholar, R.G. Moyles.

From the advertisement: “The story of Maud, Emma and Evangeline Booth as seen through the lens of popular American culture enables us to witness traces of the past. This narrative also provides a sense of motive that each carried individually and corporately as Booths. What shines through the words as stated and shared by the media of the day demonstrates the dynamic leadership of each as well as their individual and corporate motive to change the world through the work of The Salvation Army. The leadership of the three took The Salvation Army from the margins of American society to the mainstream of American culture in just a few short years. In many ways these women created the movement that has become a part of the very fabric that makes up contemporary American society.”

Available both at TradeWest and, I recommend it highly for a new perspective on the influence of The Salvation Army in America and the influence of these Salvationists on The Salvation Army. It wasn’t there name that made them so important. It was their Savior. You’ll see.

Thank you Dr. Moyles for this good work, now available to us all.

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