...strong and purposeful.

Today I’m celebrating the men in the world that follow God. It’s interesting that I have a sense that promoting men is politically incorrect. As an older white Christian male, I find it concerning that those in my categories are often seen as the culprits of our culture. You can’t have too many in your picture without being accused of racism, sexism, and dominance.

There’s no doubt that we are at our best when we are inclusive, but Christian white men aren’t the sole cause of society’s ills and imbalance. That, actually, is the work of the evil one. Surely, men have caused significant disasters in personal and community life, as have people of other descriptions. We each need the grace of God to mitigate our influence upon those around us.

Rather than demoralizing men with broad distrust, let us raise up redeemed men who will be strong and purposeful for the cause of God. Let them be holy and passionate about supporting others in their journey, indiscriminately and unconditionally.

I’m trying to give witness of the presence of God in a man’s life and hope to encourage other men to follow Him as well. All will be served as a result.

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